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Some interesting numerical facts about St. Patrick’s day


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Tuesday, March 17: The day when everyone claims to be Irish, all things edible are dyed green, a beer becomes a pint, girls are lasses, guys are lads and Guinness is the drink of choice.

Below are a few St. Patrick‘s Day numerical facts to throw around at the pub.

33.3 million — Number of U.S. residents who claimed Irish ancestry in 2013, which is seven times the population of Ireland
4.5 million — Number of Irish immigrants who arrived in U.S. between 1820 and 1930
$4.6 billion — Amount that will be spent on St. Patrick‘s Day 2015
$1.258 million — Market value on a pot of gold containing 1,000 gold coins
70 percent — Increase in cabbage shipments during this holiday week
13 million — Total pints of Guinness consumed worldwide on St.Patrick‘s Day
45 pounds — Amount of dye used to turn the Chicago River green
8 million — Number of St. Patrick‘s Day greeting cards exchanged
650,000 — Number of babies in the U.S. named Patrick in the last 100 years
46 minutes — Interval of fatal alcohol-related car crashes on St. Patrick‘s Day

Source: Memphis Business Journal, Maegan Nichols, 03162015

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