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It is important to involve children in the search for homes for sale as much as possible. Doing so will help them feel excited about finding a new home or vacation destination and lessen the stress for both you and the kids.

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Here are five tips for house hunting with kids:


  1. Think beyond the house

Searching for homes can be an especially anxious time not just for adults, but for kids as well. You have to understand that these kids are being asked to leave their friends, their school, and their extracurricular activities. You can make house hunting more fun for your kids by asking your realtor to include stops at places that might interest your children. These may include parks, schools, churches, and sports fields. You might also plan side trips to allow your children to explore their new community.


  1. Help them appreciate what lies ahead

You can minimize the stress by helping your children focus on what lies ahead. You and your kids can search the internet and do some research on the place you’re moving to. You can try and find out how many people live there and the cool places to visit. You may also cut photos from old magazines to create collages of things your kids would like to see in their new home or new bedroom. While touring homes, you may ask your children to take photos, or keep a checklist noting the best features of each home you visit. This way, your kids will feel more involved in the house hunting process.


  1. Set the rules

You can avoid problems by talking with your kids prior to viewing homes. Review a list of rules with them. Make sure the kids know that they will be going through someone else’s home. Tell them not to touch any of the seller’s stuff. Instruct them that they must treat the seller’s home with respect and be on their best behaviour. Ensure that your kids are in the same room with you at all times.


  1. Don’t drag them to every house

During the initial search, it might be better if you leave your kids at home. To minimize distractions, you can just bring them along once you have narrowed your options down to just a few houses. That way, your little ones won’t get too attached to a particular property only to be disappointed when it gets cut from list.


  1. Turn your house hunting into a road trip

Another thing that you can do to make house hunting more fun for the kids is by turning it into an exciting family event. You may arrange a few family activities in the town or neighbourhood where you are visiting an open house. You may try a local eatery, a library, or a new park. This way, the kids will be encouraged to explore and see the potential in their new home and help establish a sense of belonging.

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  • It made sense when you said that we need to review the rules with our kids before going to any open houses. My husband and I both agree that we need a home with more space since our three kids have been sharing only one room. Thanks for teaching me how to keep everything going smoothly once we find a real estate agent and start looking at homes for sale!

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