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Monthly Archives: January 2018

    Study Shows “Millennials Deserve More Credit”

    By Marco Manumbas | January 31, 2018

    When it comes to talking about millennials, there are many stereotypes out there that have influenced the way the public feels about the generation. Whether it’s the assumption that millennials are irresponsible with money and would rather buy avocado toast than save for a down payment, or that millennials jump from job to job, the... Read More

    2 Major Myths Holding Back Home Buyers

    By Marco Manumbas | January 31, 2018

    Urban Institute recently released a report entitled, “Barriers to Accessing Homeownership,” which revealed that “eighty percent of consumers either are unaware of how much lenders require for a down payment or believe all lenders require a down payment above 5 percent.” Myth #1: “I Need a 20% Down Payment” Buyers often overestimate the down payment funds needed to qualify... Read More

    5 Secrets to Selling Your Home Faster

    By Marco Manumbas | January 29, 2018

     Are you looking to sell your house quickly and for a for a great price? Many homeowners find it challenging to get their homes out of the market. This may be because you have a lot of competition in your area, have an older property or buyers are having difficulty securing an affordable mortgage. Amy... Read More

    U.S. Housing Inventory Crunch Continues… List Your House Today!

    By Marco Manumbas | January 29, 2018

    Every winter, families across the country decide if this will be the year that they sell their current houses and move into their dream homes. Mortgage rates hovered around 4% for all of 2017 which forced many buyers off the fence and into the market, resulting in incredibly strong demand RIGHT NOW! At the same time, however,... Read More

    Defining Principal Residence: Its Your Home!

    By Marco Manumbas | January 28, 2018

    In order to take advantage of the up-to-$500,000 exclusion of gain (or up-to-$250,000 if you file a tax return as a single taxpayer) the house you sell has to be your “principal residence”. Under most circumstances, we do not need a legal definition of this concept. “This is my house, and I have lived here... Read More

    Is Your Home A Burglar Magnet?

    By Marco Manumbas | January 27, 2018

    The thought of a home break-in is terrifying, but are you doing everything you can to prevent one? You might be making critical mistakes that make your home a burglar magnet, or, at least failing to take advantage of easy fixes to make your home less attractive to thieves. While break-ins have been declining over... Read More

    If You’re Considering Selling, ACT NOW!!

    By Marco Manumbas | January 26, 2018

    Definitely an aggressive headline. However, as the final data on the 2017 housing market rolls in, we can definitely say one thing: If you are considering selling, IT IS TIME TO LIST YOUR HOME! How did we finish 2017? New-home sales were at their highest level in a decade. Sales of previously owned homes were... Read More

    5 Reasons Millennials Choose To Buy

    By Marco Manumbas | January 26, 2018

    Some Highlights: “The majority of millennials said they consider owning a home more sensible than renting for both financial and lifestyle reasons — including control of living space, flexibility in future decisions, privacy and security, and living in a nice home.” The top reason millennials choose to buy is to have control over their living... Read More

    Gap Between Homeowners & Appraisers Narrows To Lowest Mark In 2 Years

    By Marco Manumbas | January 24, 2018

    In today’s housing market, where supply is very low and demand is very high, home values are increasing rapidly. Many experts are projecting that home values could appreciate by another 4% or more over the next twelve months. One major challenge in such a market is the bank appraisal. When prices are surging, it is... Read More

    Why You Need A Professional On Your Team When Buying A Home

    By Marco Manumbas | January 24, 2018

    Many people wonder whether they should hire a real estate professional to assist them in buying their dream homes or if they should first try to go through the buying process on their own. In today’s market: you need an experienced professional! You Need an Expert Guide If You Are Traveling a Dangerous Path The... Read More

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